History Festival down South…





Settled in 1836, and one of the last European settlements in Australia, South Australia has a unique history which is proudly showcased in the “About Time History Festival”.

Come along and enjoy … walks, talks, displays, openings etc.  A whole range of events, spread throughout the state, are designed to interest, enthral, and entertain both locals and visitors.

click on map to enlarge

If the location is a little too distant just “travel with your fingers” by clicking on the “About Time” link above, trawl through the events, read through those that interest and gain a little more knowledge about my unique State – the State of South Australia.


Copyright © 2012. Catherine Crout-Habel. Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family  

4 thoughts on “History Festival down South…

  1. Sure is a long way for you to swim Julie 😉 Might be worth you just clicking through the “events” section e.g. 5 May has a photo and a brief comment re: Lobethal, Pastor Fritschke & the Lutheran settlers. Although probably no more info than you have already. Thanks for dropping by.

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