Gossip from the Past

 I’m glad that you wrote to me.
Forgive my shaky hand.
Your granny was my auntie,
Your great-gran was my gran.

 Gran was born out of wedlock.
Were you aware of that?
They never spoke about it.
The one sheep that was black!

 Although there was one other,
My uncle Dan, you know,
The one who went toCanada
So many years ago. 

He got a young girl pregnant,
Then swore it wasn’t him.
Poor grand was most upset.
It was a mortal sin.

 I think Aunt Hilda paid his fare.
And then the rumours grew.
Gran said he was a fur-trapper,
But no one really knew.

 I’m glad that you wrote to me.
Someone should know these tales.
I’m really glad I told you
Before my memory fails.

                                             Author: Mary Crane


SOURCE: Family History Monthly, November 2011, Issue 202, page 85 Family History Monthly Website.  http://www.familyhistorymonthly.com

1 thought on “Gossip from the Past

  1. Thankyou so much Su for going back to this post which was amongst the very first few when I began blogging. That is probably why the title was unfamiliar when I received the email that you had *liked” it. I’d forgotten about the poem completely and delighted in reading it again…. thanks heaps!!! 🙂

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