For some time it’s been of concern that I’ve fallen into the trap of being so busy researching and recording the lives of Ancestors that I’m leaving my own story to be written by others.

To see my mother’s handwriting on birthday cards and to read the loving letters/ notes we’ve exchanged is a joy.  Dad’s writings about his early life in Australia, as a 16 year old, are irreplaceable treasures. My own son has a journal, “Leatherbound”, which he began before the birth of his first child almost 15 years ago.

The answer to my dilemma came today from Lorine McGinnis on her Blog   Sharing Memories – A Genealogy Journal.  Brilliant!!!  Thanks Lorine.

Pondering over “Sharing Memories” it occurs to me that not only are there stories to share but also “snippets” … just little moments in time which stay entrenched in the memory box to be unexpectedly triggered by seemingly insignificant daily events.

Finding it hard to clear these “snippits”, which tend to block my thinking, I’ll create and area to acknowledge, honour and deposit them … for it’s the small moments in time that create a day, a week, a month, year and lifetime.

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